Athens Digisonde
Oct 2013: Athens Digisonde Data are now registered in the ESPAS platform; Dec 2013: Athens Digisonde contributes with data to the ESA SSA SWE services
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Athens Digisonde
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Contact Person:
Dr Anna Belehaki
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Real-Time Observations


The  National Observatory of Athens operates one of the most advanced European real-time ionospheric stations, a Digisonde Portable Sounder - 4 (DPS-4) at Penteli site (38oN, 23.5oE) since September 2000. For more details on the instrumentation, see Athens Digisonde. 
The visitors of this website can access real time observations updated every 2 min as well as archived observations from the recent period.
SAO Long-term Archive tool gives access to all archived observations of the Athens Digisonde in SAO format. Users can also display time plot series of all available ionospheric characteristics.

DIAS: "European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server"
ESA SSA SWE Portal - European Ionosonde Service (EIS)
ESPAS, Near-Earth data infrastructure for e-science
COST ES0803:Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe

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