The electron density reconstructed profile up to GEO orbits
based on Athens Digisonde data and the TaD model
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Real time ionogram from Athens Digisonde with the inverted electron density profile extrapolated to the topside ionosphere based on Huang and Reinisch (2001) model.

Electron Density profile over Athens:

Bottomside profile: Retreived from SAO data taken by the Athens Digisonde in real-time (red curve)

Topside profile: TaD model output (blue curve)

Plasmaspheric profile: TaD model output (green curve).

TEC-iono (in TECU): The integrated electron density from 90Km up to transition height

TEC (in TECU): The integrated electron density from 90Km to 20000Km

TEC_pl (in TECU): The integrated density from the transition height upto 20000Km (plasmaspheric contribution)

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